Starting up brewing again!

Dear beer lovers,

Winter is coming… rejoice yourself, for the Gate of Gale will be soon re-opened, pouring a scent of hop in the air absolutely recommended to face darkening days.

Our brewing club (Gale) will gather again to…. brew! and get some fun around a beer or two. So if you are interested in joining us, please send a mail to one of our two beer Masters Morven ( or Algot ( to be added to the mailing list and get more info.

Basic information:

– We brew every second Wednesday around 4pm, starting the 5th of September.

– We’ll start having ”lønningspils” Friday beer every month after work, starting on the 7th of September.

Of course everyone is welcomed, so see you there and Skål !!!

Augustin, on behalf of Gale’s tribe