Smalahåvesupen, or the sheep head party, is the main event of the year at GFI. If you haven’t participated, you’ve been missing out. A great president once said that “…not going to the sheep head party is carreer suicide”. Every fall, when the happy Norwegian sheep come down from the mountains, lamb’s head is on the menu. The head is split in half, its brains removed, before we torch it. Then the head is salted, sometimes smoked before drying. Together with mashed rutabaga (kålrabistappe), potatoes and sausages, this is a delicacy from Voss. Read more about the sheepheads at Wikipedia. Look out for announcements every fall!

Smalahåvesupen 2009

Smalahåvesupen 1999

Smalahåvesupen 1998