Launching the new Social Hub at GFI


From now on, Geosupen is the umbrella for all of GFI’s social activities! Here you can find updates and information on all social activities at GFI, for regular and one-off events. All activities, such as brewing, football, volleyball, Cake Tuesday, Dinner&Drinks, parties, and more, are run by dedicated students and colleagues at GFI who look forward to have you participate and contribute!

The calendar can be used to keep track of all the social activities going on at the institute. You can easily subscribe to the calendar using any calendar application. If you’re only interested in a subset, you can subscribe to single categories.

At the moment you will find information about the following recurring events (follow the links for more information):

And below you can find information about the more sporadic events:

The mailing list is one you should sign up to: This is where Dinner&Drinks dates and venues are announced, and is also a low-threshold contact point for more spontaneous activities, such as a movie night, hike to Ulriken or whatever.

If you find that some information is missing (or incorrect), or if you want to get another activity going, or add an event to the calendar: Get in touch by sending an email to If you want to contribute regularly to the website, you can be granted necessary privileges.