Batch #1 London Branch: American IPA

Beer: American IPA with Cascade hops
Brewing date: 28. August
Bottling date: 14. September
Alcohol content before secondary fermentation: 8.0%
Yield: Approx 18L

– 2500 g Dry Light malt
– 1500 g Dry Medium malt
– 200 g Cascade hops
– Dry yeast

28. August (Started at 10:00, finished at 13:00)

  • Filled the pot with 7L of water and added all of the dry malt and boiled for 10 minutes (suggestion for nex time, use a bit less water or use a bigger pot than the 13L one we used).
  • Added ~50 g of hops and boiled for 50 minutes (oops it boiled over, so we lost ~1.5L of mixture).
  • Added ~50 g of hops and boiled for 9 minutes (69 minutes in total).
  • Added ~50 g hops and boiled for another minute (70 min in total)
  • Transferred to carboy and topped up water to 22 L.

29. August (18:30):
Measured the specific gravity (80) and added in the yeast.

2. September (18:05):
Added in the rest of the hops (50 g)

14. September (22:03-01.02):
Specific gravity: 18

Had to do a preliminary tasting.
Conclusion: Pleased! Strong hoppy smell, but taste less hoppy than anticipated, strong malty flavour
Bottling!!! Added a carbonation drops into each bottle before filling it with beer.

Alcohol content: (78-18)/7.5 = 8.0% (hey, that`s strong!!)

Tasting notes

Pop… A good load of carbonation. Strong hoppy smell, bucket loads of malt flavour, but maybe a bit much malt for an IPA – the hops were dominated a little by the malt – still a great big taste. A suggestion for future batches: some of the medium malt (~1/2 kg) should be changed to light to bring out more of the hoppy flavour. London is cheering and welcomes the new brewery to town!