Batch #2 London Branch: Strawberry Beer on a wheat base

Beer: Strawberry beer (on a wheat beer base)
Brewing date: 3. November
Bottling date:
Alcohol content:

– 2000 g Wheat dry malt
– 2000 g Light dry malt
– 50 g Styrian Golding hops

– 4 kg frozen strawberry purée (ECO-friendly and 100% natural – Thanks for the donation Eric)
– Fresh yeast

3. November (start: 14:43, finish: 15:52):
14:43: Put all the malt in a pot together with 5L of water
14:52: Add in 30 g hops
15:37: Add in 20 g hops
15:52: Stop boiling and pore the boiled mixture into the carboy
Add the frozen strawberry to the mixture and top up with water to 25L

4. November
11:26: Activate yeast
Specific gravity before fermentation: 64

16:45: Yeast is going in (not sure it’s alive, let’s wait and see)

5. November (21:45)