Voss Natabjødn

Smalahåvesupen is just over, and although that was a success, and our two batches were gone by midnight, the brewery cannot hvile på sine laurbær. We need to stay focused, think forward. Just over the New Year there’s another big party, and celebrating the 100th Year anniversary for GFI requires quality beer. With the success of our Voss Oregonian clone at Smalahåvesupen, we decided to brew another Voss beer: Natabjødn, which is a brown ale. Voss Bryggeri are so kind as to share the recipe here. Adjusted for our setup, the recipe reads:

  • Malts:
    • 5150g Pale (5EBC)
    • 800g Munich (17.7EBC)
    • 350g Caramel (118EBC)
    • 250g Chocolate malt (1175EBC)
  • Hops:
    • 16g EKG (90 min)
    • 52g Mt. Hood (10 min)
    • 48g Mt. Hood (Whirlpool)
  • Yeast
    • English Ale Yeast, WLP002

Brew date: November 2, 2016.

OG=1.054, 22.5L in the fermenter.

Brewers: Algot, Stephan, Fumiaki, Hans Kristian and Patrick.

Fumiaki documented the process in the photos below.

2016-11-02 16.38.52

Mash start!

2016-11-02 18.22.57

Stephan takes care of hydrometer temperature corrections.

2016-11-02 19.34.58

Trying to design a logo while boiling the wort.

2016-11-02 20.15.32

Effective cooling, just like the industrial breweries.

Transferring to the fermenter after cooling.

Transferring to the fermenter after cooling.

Add yeast, and shake!

Add yeast, then shake!