2016 Batch #1: Voss Oregonian

This year’s Smalahåvesup is approaching, and it was time to think about getting the beer ready! An American pale ale was a big hit at last year’s party, and we aim to repeat the success. This time we attempt a clone of Voss Oregonian, a great citrus hoppy pale ale. Voss Bryggeri has shared the recipe here.


Getting rid of lumps in the malt.

September 13. Brewing crashed a bit with Valerie’s defence party (congratulations!), but me, Kristine and Morven brewed anyway. We managed to drop by the party as well, and got a piece of the cakes and some wine.

The brewing itself went well, ending up with 22.5L of wort, with OG=1.052, somewhat less than VB estimates. Maybe we should invest in a circulation pump to increase the output? Also, the whirlpooling they do at VB is hard to replicate in a pot with a cooling spiral, but we made an attempt by adding the whirlpool hops after boil at ~95C, and waiting a few minutes before we started cooling. See some details and calculations on the whiteboard below.

2016-09-13 22.33.56

Taking notes on the whiteboard.

September 26. Dry hopping today, Citra at 1.8g/L, 40g total. Aiming for bottling on Thursday.