Batch #2: Pilegrim

Beer: Kinn Pilegrim from Vestbrygg (recipe here)
Brewing date: 11. February 2015
Planned Bottling date: 25.February 2015
Alcohol content: approx. 4.7%
Ended up with 24L ready for fermentation

During meshing we underestimated the power of our fancy new stove and heated the wort up to 71°C. However, we finally reached the recipe temperature of 67°C at the end of the meshing process. Due to amateurish behaviour 😉 some of the malt slipped through the net and is now resting on the ground of the fermentation barrel.

We added one additional litre of water due to vaporization during the boiling process and ended up with an outgoing gravity of 1.050.

Cheers from the awesome five: Gorgeous Georg, Powerful Patrik, Rocking Rocio, Lovely Lisbeth and Vivid Valerie